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Authors and works (when anonymous) avaliable at the moment:



Middle Ages and Renaisance:

- Manuscrit du Puy.

- Guillaume de Machaut.

              - Guillaume Dufay. (New!)

              - Dunstaple. (Soon.)

- Afonso X, "The wise".

- The "Cancioneiros" (songbooks).

- Palestrina.




              - Emilio de'Cavalieri. (Soon.)

- Claudio Monteverdi.

- Francesco Cavalli.

- Francesco Provenzale.

- G.B Pergolese.

- Domenico Scarlatti.

- Giuseppe Torelli.

- Antonio Vivaldi.

- Aracangelo Corelli.

- J-B Lully.

- M-A Charpentier.

- Henri du Mont.(Soon.)

                 - Mr de Ste Colombe (le pére). (Soon.)

-Marin Marais.

- J-P Rameau.

- Louis Couperin.

- François Couperin.

- Henry Purcell.

- G-F Häendel.

- G-P Telemann.

- J-S Bach.

- Dietrichc Buxtehude.

- Heinrich Biber.



Portuguese composers:

- The Middle Ages: the era of the troubador.

- Renaisance and Mannerism.

-King John the 5th and his time.



                - Pedro de Araújo.  (New!)

              - Estevão Lopes Morago. (New!) 

                -Manuel Rodrigues Coelho. (New!)

- Carlos Seixas.

- F. A. de Almeida.

- António Teixeira.





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