Marin Marais (1656-1728).

Marin Marais was born in Paris in 1656 and there he died in 1728. Marin Marais occupies in the 2nd half of the 17th century the place Saint Colombe occupies in the 1st half of the century in the sphere of viol writing. Indeed, he represents the peek of that musical tradition, being that in the 18th century the viol was quite simply abandoned in favour of the cello.

Besides being a viol player, Marin Marais was a renowned composer, and his main influence in this field was Lully. Having already performed in the king's orchestra, Marais became director of the Paris Opera, composing operas like "Alcione", chamber music and five volumes of viol pieces. In fact it is for these pieces that Marais is best known- In those five volumes of viol pieces accompanied by a "basso continuo" a great aesthetic sense and virtuousism stand out. And in Louis the 14th's court none other was equal a virtuoso except for Forqueray, known as "le diable" (the devil), being that Marais was surnamed "l'ange" (the angel).

Apart from these viol pieces, there are other chamber music pearls, like the "Sonnerie du Mont de Saint Geneviéve à Paris" , for two violins and 2basso continuo", among other pieces for chamber sets.

Although Marais was not in his time as prominent as Lully he was the foremost composer for viol of his time.


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