Francesco Provenzale (1626-1704).

Francesco Provenzale was the first great napolitan composer of the baroque period, and he has the great merit of having been the pioneer of the napolitan school of the "opera buffa" (comic opera). He was born and he died in Naples, and there he premiered Il Ciro", his first opera, in 1653. Also in Naples he occupied the place of the city's choir master, there he was a teacher, and there he directed the "Capella di Sta Maria della Pietá dei Turchinni". In his music, Provenzale is already a long way from Cavalli, but still one step behind Scarlatti.


Reccoended recordings:

La Colomba Ferita (oratoria di Sta Rosália): La Capella de'Turchini, Antonio Florio, Opus 111.